5 most scenic roads in India for road trips

The immense natural beauty along India's highways is one of the country's most magnificent attractions. The country is known for its natural scenery and diverse landscapes.

    AmitKumar Gupta     2022-08-23 00:00:00

India's scenery is as distinctive as they come, with everything from the Himalayas to the beaches, from tropical green forests to scorching deserts, and rivers to magnificent hills and driving across it can be both an adventure and a wonderful learning experience.

Road travels provide a chance to experience other cities, cultures, and the topography of India. Here are India's top 5 picturesque routes, which you should take into account when planning your next road trip.

1. Manali to Leh
It is regarded as one of India's top bike routes. Travelers from all over the world embark on this road journey to discover the region's stunning beauty. Adventurers adore riding through the crisscrossed terrain. It is made more fascinating by the surrounding snow-capped mountains, distant valleys, and chilly mountain breeze. Some of the most famous passes in Ladakh will come into view as you ride on across the challenging terrain. As you go off on this daring road adventure, take in the breathtaking beauty of this area. The best months to take this trip are from June to September.

2. Chennai to Puducherry
The East Coast Road is another name for the road that connects Chennai and Puducherry. The path is made much more enjoyable by the lovely view of the sea on one side and the sun's reflection on the water. You will be able to see the pine trees and feel the sea breeze in addition to the view of the ocean. Almost every mile offers the chance to take a gorgeous snap. It can typically be finished in three to four hours. Consequently, it is the ideal quick weekend road trip in south India. The ideal time to go on this trip is from October to February.

3. Bengaluru to Ooty
The road from Bengaluru to Ooty is renowned for its 36 hairpin turns. Tall trees and luscious green grasses may be found on both sides of the route. Madumalai National Park is a stop-off location on this road that you can visit while driving through it. Numerous acres of tea plantations, magnificent waterfalls, and crystal-clear lakes make the route more beautiful. The journey can usually be completed in six hours, and there are plenty of restaurants along the way to keep your tummy satisfied. The months of October through June are the best for taking this vacation.

4. Guwahati to Tawang
One of the absolute must-take road trips in northeast India is Guwahati to Tawang. It is a magical journey with full of mesmerizing sceneries, mountains and lush greenery. The one thing you must remember while taking this road trip is that whether you are an Indian or a foreign national, you must have an Inner Line Permit to enter the State of Arunachal Pradesh. It can be covered in approximately 14 hours. The ideal time to take this road trip is from March to October.

5. Rameswaram to Pamban Bridge
Pamdan Bridge connects Rameswaram Islands with the Indian mainland. It was inaugurated in 1988 and is considered one of the most spectacular highways that you can choose to travel through. In major patches of the sea, you will find magnificent turquoise blue waters of the endless ocean on both sides. The beautiful view that you would want to capture in all frames of mind and having the pleasant breezes blow your hair and calm your mind is an experience no one should ever miss. The road trip is full of adventure, thrills and thorough beauty.