Pithla Bhakri – Rural Food Personified!

I like experiencing authentic local food from different regions

    AmitKumar Gupta     2022-08-01 00:00:00

We all know how India is full of diversity and as it is said, after every few kms you can see the change in attire, food and water. I wish, I could travel each and every state and try the authentic local food.

Nevertheless, I can anyway start with my state – Maharashtra, and here it is. Today in this post, I will be sharing the staple/comfort food of Maharashtra — Pithla Bhakri. It is commonly prepared in many Maharashtrian homes and the best one is available at Sinhagad Fort. Well, the super easy dish is not only delicious but healthy as well. Pithla is the thick spicy yellow curry made with gram flour and buttermilk along with some onions and spices. You do not need any veggies for it. Since it is not too costly to make, it is also called Farmers’ food. Pithla is easy and simple to cook and served mostly with Bhakri (Flatbread) and Thecha (Spicy condiment)

Bhakri can be made from different flours, the one served with Pithla is Jowar Bhakri (Sorghum Bread) which is hand rolled and cook on medium flame. It is coarser than roti and can be either soft or hard depends upon the cooking style. Sorghum is a super food and the Bhakri pairs well with the Pithla.

Thecha on the other hand is a very interesting addition just like chutney. The lip-smacking combo of coarsely grounded green chillies, garlic, panuts and coriander will blow your mind. The whole meal also adds onions on the side.

You can relish Pithla Bhakri at many restaurants but if you want to get the best, authentic and raw experience, I would suggest to visit Sinhagad Fort and try the amazing thali along with a cup of Dahi (Curd) and deep fried Onion Fritters.
Enjoy some of the photos of its preparation.