Tips to keep in mind when travelling with a toddler

Travelling with a toddler can be a hectic experience.

    AmitKumar Gupta     2022-08-16 00:00:00

Cramped airports and stations, busy waiting areas, long delays and taking care of your toddler amidst all this can be very frustrating and spoil your travel experience. From eating, and sleeping to pooping they need precise care and attention.

But through proper planning and prior preparation, you can transform your worst travel experience into a worry-free and enjoyable journey for you and your toddler.

Here are a few tips you can keep in mind when travelling with your toddler.

1. When you are taking a flight remember that due to the number of oxygen masks per row, only one lap child is permitted per row. So if you’re travelling with two lap children, the adults will have to split up rows (assuming the rows are 3 people long). This may vary with the specific aeroplane you are flying on, so contact the airline ahead of time.

2. Check with your specific airline regarding birth certificates or vaccine records or any other document as some airlines require a copy or photo of a birth certificate or vaccine records for a lap child in order to fly.

3. If you’re wearing your baby in a carrier, you cannot have the carrier on during take-off or landing. The baby can remain in the carrier for the remainder of the flight.

4. Whenever you are travelling with a toddler always make sure to carry at least two pairs of clothes handy. Never forget that extra outfit since toddlers are constantly coming up with new, inventive ways to ruin their clothes.

5. Never leave home without a snack container since you never know when your child will grow hungry. Snacks are essential to keep kids occupied and happy since they get cranky when they are hungry.

6. For you and your toddler to have a good night's sleep on an overnight flight, a lightweight scarf is the ideal travel companion. Book overnight trips whenever you can so kids can be weary enough and it will be dark enough to sleep. Use the scarf to hide sunlight or aeroplane light.

7. When you’re planning a trip it’s important to consider their ages and interests when choosing a destination. If your kids are very young, opt for a place that has plenty of kid-friendly activities.

8. Keep some small activities or fun games to keep them entertained as long journeys can become dull and boring for them and they might become grumpy.